7 Important Benefits of Composite Dental Fillings

Around one-third of adults have cavities they haven’t taken care of. Whether due to lack of financial resources or a deep seeded phobia, many of us are guilty of avoiding the dentist chair.

Once treated with metal that stood out, filled cavities no longer have to be so visible.

Ready to get your teeth taken care of without putting metal in your mouth? Keep reading for seven top benefits of using composite dental fillings!

1. Tooth Colored

One of the most desired benefits of composite fillings is the color. Because the composite material can be matched to your existing teeth, it will typically blend right in.

This makes it possible discretely fill cavities even at the front of the mouth.

2. Less Drilling Needed

Look, we get it. Drilling out portions of your teeth isn’t fun. No wonder so many people avoid the dentist, even at the expense of overall health.

The good news though if you are getting a composite filling, the dentist won’t need to drill as much as they would with a metal amalgam filling.

Leaving more original tooth behind is best because this keeps the integrity and strength intact.

3. Hardens Very Fast

Most of us squeeze in dental visits before or after work. Maybe even over a lunch break or while our children are at sports practice. We don’t want to spend hours there.

Composite fillings are great because they harden and cure within moments. After placing the composite material, the dentist will place a special light over it. Within moments your cavity will be filled with strong composite material!

4. Bonds to Your Teeth

Because the composite material bonds to your teeth, it strengthens the natural tooth. This can come in handy if you like to eat hard snacks frequently.

5. Composite Dental Fillings are Repairable

Both silver amalgam and composite fillings can break down over time. It’s important to remedy these situations because left unattended, a deteriorated filing can lead to serious decay or pain.

You could even be at risk for needing a root canal!

When metal fillings begin to break, they must be entirely removed and redone (nowadays often with a composite filling).

Composite fillings are easy to clean and redo. Repairs are commonly needed for people who grind their teeth.

6. Reduced Chance of Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is common with amalgam fillings. Going with composite filling material decreases the odds of this. This is because the material works to insulate the tooth when ingesting hot and cold items.

Be aware though, some initial sensitivity is common after the procedure.

7. Fix Small Cracks and Chips

One final benefit of composite resin is that it can be used to fix minor chips and cracks. This makes it an excellent material to make cosmetic improvements on the front facing teeth that are often visible.

Ditch Metal Mouth For Good

There are tons of reasons why composite dental fillings are better than silver fillings. These are just a few!

We hope learning a little more about composite fillings has left you a little more comfortable with any dental work you have planned.

Looking for even more information? Be sure to check out why regular dental cleanings are so important.


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